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        Backhoe Loaders

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        Backhoe loader is an important engineering machinery which comprises of a small backhoe in the rear end, a tractor, front shovel and replaceable bucket. It is a versatile small size machinery which is quite useful in many small engineering projects. Read on to understand backhoe loaders better.

        Backhoe Loader Making

        Backhoe loader is supposedly most ordinary variation of the classic farm tractor. As the name suggests, it carries a loader assembly towards the front and a backhoe attachment towards the back. One noticeable thing is that even if the loader and backhoe are attached, it would never be referred as a tractor.
        This particular machine has a seat that is able to swivel to the rear to handle the backhoe controls. Any kind of detachable backhoe attachments would carry a separate seat on the attachment itself.

        Backhoe Loader Working

        Backhoe Loaders Backhoe has three segments namely boom, stick, and bucket. Backhoe can also be associated with variety of other instruments like augers, hydraulic hammers, asphalt grinders and grapples. For mounting different attachments backhoe loader is equipped with a tool coupler which consists of two hydraulic cylinders on the end of the loader arm assembly which can expand and retract allowing different tools to be attached to the unit. The attachment of different tools allows backhoe loaders to do multiple jobs, thereby increasing its versatility.

        Backhoe Loaders Applications

        Small backhoe loaders also referred as mini backhoe loaders are quite useful in different areas. Owing to its small and portable size, backhoe loaders finds their application in the following fields :

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