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      1. Construction Machinery

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        Building Construction Machinery

        Building Construction Machinery

        Looking for Wholesale Heavy Machinery?

        Allow us to help you find the right suppliers to match your product interests.

        Construction projetcs cover three essential construction jobs: Building Construction, Industrial Construction and Heavy/Civil Construction. Building constitutes not only the residential houses but also big corporate offices, commercial centers, multistory buildings etc. For the construction of buildings both heavy and light machineries are used.

        Building Construction MachineryBuilding construction machines are used in a wide variety of construction of building projects. They include machineries like bulldozers, cranes, backhoes, loaders etc, including small machines and tools like air hammers, air compressors, jack hammers, elevators, generators, chippers etc. The machineries thus used for the construction of buildings are classified into two main categories:

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