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        Heavy Construction Machines

        Building Construction Machinery

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        Constructions machines used for construction of buildings, roads, dams, airports, canals, highways and other projects related to infrastructural development are broadly classified into two groups of machines: Heavy machineries and Light Machineries. Heavy machines are the heavy-duty equipments, engineering vehicles, earth movers, construction equipments that are specially manufactured for doing a range of jobs in the construction sites.

        Functions of Heavy Construction Machines

        The basic functions performed by heavy machines include earth moving, carrying heavy loads, transferring loads, excavating, breaking, paving, drilling etc. Some heavy machines are also used in the manufacturing of bricks, cement, asphalt etc. Heavy machineries are primary for the construction, maintenance and the development of huge infrastructures. Accordingly, heavy construction machines comprise five equipment systems: traction, structure, implement, power train, control and information.

        Types of Heavy Machines

        Depending on the functions performed, there are different types of heavy machineries used for the construction of buildings and roads:
        Heavy Machinery

        Heavy Construction Machines

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